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Seabee Medea Vodka

Fund Raising... Limited Time Offer!!! By special request, we have only 10 Seabee Medea Vodka available. These are limited edition, pre-programed, Medea patented LED Bottles! Medea’s patented LED technology allows the user to program the bottle with a personalized message. The first response the Medea bottle evokes is “Wow!” As the world’s first personally programmable bottle, it is the perfect gift for any occasion. Give a gift of Medea Vodka and watch someone’s face light up!

Seabees Flag – Outdoor / Indoor

This perfectly printed, durable outdoor 3' x 5' U.S. Navy Seabees flag will look amazing from your flagpole. Digitally printed 100% Polyester with header and brass grommets for mounting. Proudly display this flag from your in-ground pole or from your porch. The print quality is so of the highest quality and you may want to display it indoors too. Made in the USA!!!

Seabee Swarm Beer – Pint

Commemorate the "Can Do" Seabee Spirit with the 22oz (1 Pint 6 fl oz) deep etched & hand painted 11 inch tall bottle of BEER!!! The ultimate way to immortalize your Seabee enlistment!!! Desert Swarm is brewed with Raw Unmalted wheat, imported Belgian malts, Oats, Punjab coriander, locally grown kumquats from Coachella, California and Killer Bee Honey. Paying homage to the style which was once almost extinct, Desert Swarm decants the color of apricots, with a foamy alabaster cap of Belgian lacing, that dissipates quickly releasing the fragrance of citrus and honeycomb. The creamy mouth-feel is contrasted by tart, lip-prickling fizz, carried with it nectar like sweetness which is cut by the kumquats, and just a hint of stomach-stoking warmth right in to the finish from the addition of Killer Bee Honey. Desert Swarm ensures that killer bees will not be the only ones creating a buzz. MADE TO ORDER... PLEASE ALLOW 14 DAYS FOR PRODUCTION AFTER PLACING AN ORDER!!!

Diamond Anniversary Bird Dog

Commemorate 75 Years of "Can Do" Seabee Excellence with this 750ml Deep Etched & Hand Painted bottle of Bird Dog Bourbon Whiskey. This is our first time offering for the Bird Dog label and the latest addition our Exclusive Seabee Pride Commemorative Bottle Collection. Bird Bog blends the finest aged white oak barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey with all natural flavors to create a smooth, easy-drinking. At 80 proof, Bird Dog offers an amazing tasting whiskey! Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery. Bottles are made to order and not stocked.

Seabees “DISTRESSED” Parking Only Sign

Claim your spot with this "US NAVY SEABEES PARKING ONLY" sign! Measuring 12" x 18" (tall/wide) and made of fade-resistant, durable aluminum. THESE SIGNS ARE DISTRESSED AND NOT IN PERFECT CONDITION!!!!! IMPERFECTION VARY AND NOT ALL SIGNS ARE THE SAME!!!!

Seabee Fireball

"We Build, We Fight... We Party All Night" with the Rock Star of Whisky! This 750ml Deep Etched & Hand Painted bottle of FireBall Cinnamon Whisky is the latest addition our Exclusive Seabee Pride Collection. Bright medium amber color. Strong cinnamon candy and pepper aromas follow through to an oily, slightly sweet medium body of hot spicy cinnamon drops and mineral flavor. Great flavor for mixing. Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery. Bottles are made to order and not stocked.

Diamond Anniversary Duke

Own the "Mother Of All Bottles"!!! Seabee Pride is offering this very exclusive and limited edition diamond anniversary bottle of Duke Bourbon. This John Wayne Signature Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey comes completed with our deep etched and hand painted diamond anniversary logo to be displayed as the centerpiece of any Seabee memorabilia collection. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind commemorative bottle and help Seabee Pride continue it's mission towards helping the Seabee Community. Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery. Bottles are made to order and not stocked.

Diamond Anniversary Seabee Jack

Commemorate 75 Years of U.S. Navy Seabee "Can Do" Excellence with our Deep-Etched / Hand-Painted 750ml Jack Daniels Bottle. The perfect Holiday Gift or display piece! Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery. Bottles are made to order and not stocked. JACK DANIEL'S OLD NO. 7, TENNESSEE HONEY, AND GENTLEMAN JACK ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF JACK DANIEL'S ©2016.

Seabees Hard Hat Stress Toy

Buy the original... not the knock off! Seabee Pride has the original and true Seabee Hard Hat Stress Toy that is perfect for getting out all of your daily frustrations! Squeeze it, toss it or kick it just like the Bee kickin' the can (do)! This is a new item so please allow 3 to4 weeks for delivery.